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Look mom, we’re famous! We’re lucky to have such deep coverage and thought-provoking commentary on our team.

Explore the stories below where critically-acclaimed ultimate writers have called Birdfruit “surprisingly strong” and wrote that we have “nothing to lose.” As an underdog, Birdfruit has been compared to other teams “to a lesser extent” and critics claim, “they haven’t done anything on the field this season to prove that they deserve a strength bid.”

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Lochsa vs Birdfruit | Mixed Pool Play
Ultiworld | SMUT 2021

“While this is our first look at Seattle Birdfruit, we know they can hang with the best in the division.”

Men Touch Disc More Than Twice As Much As Women In Mixed, Though Gap Is Slowly Closing
Ultiworld | April 17, 2020

“In fact, of the 30 teams studied, only one — Seattle Birdfruit — had a game where their touches by women outnumbered the touches by men. Why? Because Birdfruit was the only team to feature a mostly women backfield. On almost every other team, women handlers were few and far-between.”

Pro-Elite Challenge 2019: Day One Recap (Mixed)
Ultiworld | July 14, 2019

“Seattle Birdfruit were struck with some bad luck on the flight in, as the box containing their new uniforms dragged across the Denver airport tarmac. Some team members looked more like extras on Survivor than ultimate players. Check back later for an update on some surely unique tan lines.”

2019 Mixed Club Preseason Power Rankings
Ultiworld | July 12, 2019

“Birdfruit made Nationals in 2015, but they have not been able to replicate that success in subsequent years. However, with relatively little roster turnover from last season, this could be the year for a trip to San Diego. If Birdfruit’s army of agile handler defenders can generate blocks underneath, this team has a chance to sneak into range for another bid to Nationals.”

Club Season Primer 2019: Mixed Division
Ultiworld | July 10, 2019

“However, [Lochsa] can also expect a strong push from both Seattle Birdfruit and Seattle Lights Out. All three teams were hovering around the top 25 last year, and the arms race this year makes the group even tighter.”

7500 Club: Club Chatter, Nationals Analysis, 2020 Preview
Ultiworld | June 12, 2019

[6:26] Mike: Which teams have stood out to you for being exciting teams to watch for D-III players?

Sam: I think a big one that just popped out today was Birdfruit. They’ve got Lescinsky, a Williams alum, they’ve got Emma Piorier, sounds like she is probably staying out in Seattle this summer, instead of coming home to Minneapolis. I know she played Pop in recent seasons. That is a super hype roster that I’m excited about. Also my old teammate, Marianna “Banxx” is on there as well. That is stacked with D-III talent.

Club Regionals 2018: Mega-Preview (Mixed)
Ultiworld | September 20, 2018

“A grueling tournament schedule (four up to Regionals) has pushed this team hard, and they’ve improved throughout the season. They’ve gone from competing with the best in Colorado to defeating the best, winning their hometown tournament with a victory over Boston Snake Country, one of the emerging powers in the Northeast. Paced by the play of Laura Manson and Andrew Lynch, this is a tight-knit team that has the talent to push the powerhouses, but they’ll need to peak at the right time.”

Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Mixed Day One Recap
Ultiworld | July 8, 2018

“As teams some might view as “make-weight,” Birdfruit, XIST, and Los Angeles 7 Figures looked fast and up for the challenge posed by the competition. Birdfruit came into this tournament with something to prove, and they’ve done it so far.”

Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Tournament Preview (Mixed)
Ultiworld | July 6, 2018

“Seattle Birdfruit has often been the odd team out in the always-competitive Northwest region, but will look to their success in 2015 where they qualified for Nationals for inspiration to get back… Birdfruit has long sported excellent team chemistry and a consistent core of players. With all the changes for their opponents, their consistency could be enough to push into the bracket.”

2017 Mixed Club Regionals Mega-Preview
Ultiworld | September 23, 2017

“Birdfruit played BFG close in the final of Sectionals, eventually falling 13-9 but showing they can match up well athletically with BFG.”

Club Update: West Coast Shuffle Up In Mixed After Revolution
Ultiworld | July 19, 2017

“Also impressive on the weekend were Los Angeles 7 Figures, who battled their way into semifinals, and Seattle Birdfruit, who will be hoping to get into the bid mix to try to get back to Nationals for a second time. Both earned nods into our updated Power Rankings with their performances.”

Pro Flight Finale 2016: Tournament Preview
Ultiworld | August 19, 2016

“Looking at results alone, #23 Seattle Birdfruit appears to be on the cusp of the top tier of teams, with a close loss to Steamboat and a win over Bucket, but big losses to AMP and Mixtape. Sitting at #29 in the rankings, they might need an implausibly strong performance in order to bring home a strength bid, but crazier things have been known to happen in the mixed division.”

Northwest Mixed Cup: Tournament Recap
Ultiworld | July 28, 2016

“Speaking with Birdfruit player Clay Dewey-Valentine, he mentioned that the team was taking this tournament as an opportunity to work on individual goals within their “flocks.” That self-focus allowed Birdfruit to come out looking fast and loose, with plenty of confidence.”

Round 3 Recap (Mixed): 2015 Club Championships
Ultiworld | October 1, 2015

“Although Birdfruit looked surprisingly strong, it was Polar Bears that proved to be the more veteran squad that knew how to finish in the end.”

The Five Cities Sending The Best Talent To Nationals
Ultiworld | September 29, 2015

“And while Mixtape (and to a lesser extent, Birdfruit) doesn’t have the storied history that Riot and Sockeye have, they’re no less talented.”

Club Regionals – Weekend Spotlight
Reddit | September 10, 2015

“Watched Mixtape play today – those folks can BALL. Pretty surprised that Birdfruit took down the Flycoons, but Fruit had nothing to lose and Flycoons have been having some issues with attitude it looks like.”

Enough already: the ranking system needs to go
Reddit | September 3, 3014

“Take a look at BirdFruit in the mixed division. They went to two lower-tier tournaments, placing 3rd at Kleinman and 2nd at the Northwest Mixed Cup. They have exactly one game against an out-of-region opponent: a universe point win against the 9th best team in the Southwest. I don’t know much about them — perhaps they’re dripping with talent. But they haven’t done anything on the field this season to prove that they deserve a strength bid.”