Northwest Fruit Bowl

The Northwest Fruit Bowl is returning in 2022! We have a stellar team list, a beautiful and convenient field location, and a full set of amenities. The tournament will also feature an equity conversation following the games on Saturday, and all teams are encouraged to participate.

The Northwest Fruit Bowl is a USAU-sanctioned tournament in Seattle for mixed club teams that values high-level competition, spirited teams, and opportunities for cross-region play.


WHEN:  August 20-21, 2022

WHERE: Celebration Park, 30 minutes south of Seattle and 20 minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
(1095 S 324th St, Federal Way, WA 98003)

WHO: This is an invitational tournament for twelve mixed club teams.

This web page will contain all Captain’s Packet information. Please check back as the tournament date approaches.

The tournament schedule can be found on the USAU site here:


We will be using GroupMe as the primary source of communication during the tournament. Please report all scores on the GroupMe after game completion. Link to be provided closer to the tournament date. Until then, please send all questions and comments to the Tournament Director, Laura Manson, at


We are so excited for our tournament swag with all graphics designed by former Birdfruiter and amazing graphic designer, Dylan Thurgood.

Place your order at this link no later than JULY 10:



Tournament Schedule & Equity Conversation

Games will begin at 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, the hard cap for the last game will be at 4:00 pm.

After games end on Saturday at 6:30pm, Birdfruit and BFG will be hosting an equity conversation and dinner. We encourage all teams to participate in the conversation! An order form for Chipotle burritos will be provided prior to the event for any teams who would like to have dinner provided at a set cost.

Mixed Division Personnel Ratio

The personnel ratio for the mixed division of the Triple Crown Tour regular season and
postseason will be 4/3 (four man-matching and three woman-matching or four woman-matching and three man-matching).

Determining the ratio – At the start of each game after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting which end zone is the “genzone.” At the start of each point, the team that is at the genzone must choose the gender ratio. This process applies for the entire game (the “Genzone Decides Rule”).

If a team cannot match the on-field personnel ratio of all seven players on the team determining the personnel ratio for the point, then it must play with fewer than seven players, matching the personnel ratio with as many players as possible.

Other Rules

All games will be played in accordance with the 2022-2023 Official Rules of Ultimate with the addition of the Prescribed Gender Pull rule: “A player representing the gender with four players on the field must pull for that point.” 

  • All games to 13, point cap at 15
  • 75 minute soft cap, 90 minute hard cap, 110 minute rounds
    • Add 1 point to the higher score
  • 45 minute halftime cap, 10 minute halftime
  • Each team has 2 time-outs per half
    • Cap does not affect time-outs

Spirit of the Game

Please use the following Google Form to input Spirit Scores after each round.


An athletic trainer will be available starting at 8:00 am both days through the end of the games. The trainer will be located at Tournament Central.

The tournament Medical and Inclement Weather Plan is available at this link:

It is unlikely that we will need to cease play for storms or heat given that Seattle rarely reaches 90 degrees or has lighting storms, but should the situation arise, we will adhere to USAU guidelines and will provide updates on game times on the GroupMe.

In recent years, wildfire smoke has become a recurring issue in the Pacific Northwest. We will monitor the Air Quality Index for Federal Way, WA leading up to the tournament and at all times during the event. If the AQI value is in the “unhealthy” range (151-200), all play will cease. If the AQI is in the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” range (101-150), we will seek approval from all teams before continuing play. If teams choose to continue play, there will be added team time-outs and some mandatory time-outs along with revised point totals and cap times.

AQI definitions:
AQI current readings/predictions:


At the field site, we will provide food, water, bathrooms, access to an athletic trainer, on-site parking, and one shade tent per team. Please reference the figure below for locations of the amenities. Also note that there is a city-run concession stand located near Tournament Central that is likely open throughout the event.

There are no hotels secured; we recommend local Airbnbs or hotels in Federal Way, Seattle, or Tacoma.


For more information, email Tournament Director Laura Manson at You can also reach out to the Birdfruit captains at