Hi! We’re Birdfruit.

Birdfruit is a six-year old Seattle mixed team that is on a quest to strike a balance between winning games and winning the spirit award. Our cheers don’t make sense, our love for our team makes a lot of sense, and our enthusiasm never runs dry.

Birdfruit 2020 Tryouts

We are looking forward to the 2020 season! Because of the current covid 19 situation, our pre-season activities are paused until it’s safe to gather as a group. We hope to have tryouts starting in May.

Interested in tryout out this year? Please fill out our interest form! We will be sending out a weekly email with a workout you can do to get ready for tryout season. And we’ll let you know when things are happening in person.

Stay healthy, get strong, eat kiwis. #birdfruit2020


Definition | Birdfruit


A conjunction of fowl and food resulting in a fantastical pun.


Flamango; plummingbird; toucantaloupe; appletross; grape blue heron; coconuthatch


Based on the iconic New Zealand birdfruit, the kiwi.


Team members and then-employees at Five Ultimate suggested we be outfitted in a misprinted set of jerseys for the New Zealand National Team, but little did they know those jerseys were given away to youth players. While our plan to be called The Kiwis was foiled, we saw an opportunity to expand our horizons to other bird and fruit pun combinations, and once we started we knew we couldn’t be stopped.

Photo by Daren Ruiz Photography!